Jumsoft Shipping Keynote Jam, 1.0

Jumsoft is shipping a new app for Mac users, Keynote Jam 1.0 Keynote Jam is an image package designed for expanding the image feature set in Keynote presentations. The package features 56 3D images and support for PowerPoint. According to Jumsoft:

Jumsoft releases Keynote Jam 1.0 - package of 56 high-quality 3D-rendered images for Apple Keynote presentations.

These images are creatively designed for Keynote and will look fantastic whether displayed directly on your computer monitor or projected onto a large screen. Jam purchasers are also free to use these images on their Websites, in printed materials, in PDF documents or for any other purpose except resale. And our images also work with Microsoftis PowerPoint.

You can find more information about the Keynote Jam release at the Jumsoft Web site. Keynote Jam is available for US$25.00.