Jumsoft Shipping Keynote Pack

Jumsoft is shipping a new bundle software package for Keynote users. Featuring Keynote Object and Themes, also from Jumsoft, the bundle is designed for creating custom presentations on Appleis Keynote application. The bundle ships with Quicktime images and background themes. According to Jumsoft:

Jumsoft ships Keynote Pack - Jumsoftis Keynote Themes 2.8 and Keynote Objects 1.5 bundle for Keynote users. This bundle is everything you need to create professional, high-quality and innovative presentations.

Appleis new software, called Keynote has made a huge impression on us. It is a wonderful, magical and beautiful application for creating business, science, educational and many more powerful presentations. Weive decided to support Keynote users by creating a lot of beautiful and high-quality themes. We hope that themes created by Jumsoft will bring some power to your presentations.

Keynote Themes 2.8 includes 15 high-quality themes for Appleis presentation software Keynote.

What makes Keynote Objects 1.5 so innovative? The answer is that Jumsoft Keynote Objects are not just simple images, but they are living images. That means when using Keynote Objects 1.5, your presentation also becomes innovative and alive.

Keynote Objects 1.5 includes 23 transparent, high-quality and alive (QuickTime) objects for Keynote presentations.

You can find more information about the Keynote Pack release at the Jumsoft Web site. Ketnote Pack is available for US$49.99.