Just Bookit Danno: Bookit 3.0 Preview Available

Everyday Software has released a public preview of the upcoming release of Bookit version 3.0. Bookit is a bookmark management app with support for several different browsers. The latest version features several improvements including an improved interface and unicode support. According to Everyday Software:

Everyday Software is pleased to announced a public preview of Bookit 3, a major update to its bookmark management application.

Bookit 3 is only available for Mac OS X and is made with Appleis advanced Cocoa framework for perfect integration with Mac OS X. Bookit is a bookmark manager for all major web browsers available for Mac OS X. It offers a unique approach to bookmark management by allowing its users to continue to use the bookmarking system already present in the Web browsers they use.

Bookit 3 contains many new features including: support for the Navigator (Chimera) browser, improved interface and ease of use, broken link detection, better unicode and ascii character support, a preview menu and advanced bookmark management which allows users to synchronize bookmarks from remote computers (such as a portable) and Classic browsers.

You can find more information about the Bookit preview at the Everyday Software Web site. Bookit 3.0 is available for US$12.00.