Just Bookit Danno: Maintenance Update Released

Everyday Software has released an update for Bookit, bringing it to version 2.1.1. Bookit is a bookmark management app with support for several different browsers. Version 2.1.1 has bug fixes including several changes in the Internet Explorer favorites file reading. According to Everyday Software:

Everyday Software is pleased to announce Bookit 2.1.1. Bookit is the premiere bookmark management tool for Mac OS X. It supports Internet Explorer, iCab, Netscape, OmniWeb, and Opera web browsers.

New fixes in Bookit 2.1.1 include:

  • Added a check to make sure browsers that are being written to arenit running when Bookit writes their bookmark files
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Bookit to crash when deleting an item if the warnings were turned off
  • Fixed several parsing bugs when reading Internet Explorer files
  • Fixed a bug that would cause bookmark backup and restoring to fail under certain circumstances
  • Relaxed error checking when importing bookmark files

You can find more information about the Bookit update at the Everyday Software Web site. Bookit 2.1.1 is available for US$12.00.