Justin Longs Says He's Still the Mac Guy

In a post on his own Web site, Justin Long says that heis still playing the "Mac Guy" in Appleis commercials, and isnit sure how the rumor that he was done with the ads got started. He also said that he loves working with "PC Guy" John Hodgman.

Mr. Longis post from November 13 states "as for the Mac commercials, I donit know where that report came from that said I wasnit going to do anymore - Iim literally setting my alarm right now to wake up for a Mac shoot tomorrow."

Radar reported last week that Mr. Long would not be appearing in any more commercials for the Macintosh. A representative for Mr. Long was quoted as saying Every ad you see Justin in is for that previous time period only. Thereis no long-term deal with him. Justinis a movie star, not a commercial guy.

The commercials Mr. Long is shooting now are for the holiday season, and he plans to continue working with Apple for the foreseeable future.