K-werkx Shipping New Multimedia Presentation Utility

K-werkx Inc. is shipping a new app for Mac users, Front End Digital Media Workshop. Front End Digital Media Workshop is a utility designed for multimedia presentations. The app features support for various file formats and ships with editing and conversion tools. According to K-werkx Inc:

K-werkx Inc. today released Front End Digital Media Workshop V1.0, made with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc.

Front End Digital Media Workshop combines multimedia presentation and authoring tools in one simple easy-to-use interface. The batch/play list-based architecture allows you to work with 1 to 99 files. Dozens of popular digital image, movie, and sound file formats can be imported. Playback and presentation features include full screen video, play list looping, variable speed shuttle control, bass treble volume and balance controls. Many easy to use authoring tools are included from basic editing to digital media file conversion.

You can find more information about the Front End Digital Media Workshop release at the K-werkx Inc. Web site. Front End Digital Media Workshop is available for US$16.95.