KaleidaGraph Featured At Science Conference

Synergy Software featured KaleidaGraph 3.5 at their first visit to the annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting. KaleidaGraph delivers technical graphing and robust analysis for the scientific desktop.. According to Synergy Software:

Although new to the Neuroscience Symposium, KaleidaGraph is a veteran of 12 years on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Version 3.5 was released in late April of 2000. Barbara Maxwell, VP Marketing, reports that the new release covers the largest group of customer enhancement requests in the history of KaleidaGraph. "The response from our user base has been overwhelmingly positive in both quality of suggestions and feedback on the new features we have implemented. Our users are genuinely pleased that their ideas for improvement make it to code."

With an eye to everyday productivity, KaleidaGraph provides the ability to design template graphs so a scientist can easily produce plots with the same appearance when generating repetitive data sets. Our formula scripts help automate the process of importing data, creating plots, exporting and printing. Users also value the capacity to meet journal specifications for their graphing output because they can control every aspect of a KaleidaGraph plot.

KaleidaGraph v.3.5 includes an improved Quick-Start Guide in 5 languages. One hour with Quick-Start prepares users to be completely productive in KaleidaGraph, including entering and importing data, plot customization, applying curve fits, error bars and exporting.

KaleidaGraph is available for US$155 and you can find more information about it at Synergyis Web site.