Kanex Releases QuickPopup 4.1 With WAN And P2P Support

Kanex Group, Inc. has released an update for QuickPopup, bringing it to version 4.1. QuickPopup is an instant messaging app designed for use on closed networks found in offices or educational environments. The update features WAN and P2P support and other enhancements. According to Kanex Group:

Kanex Group, Inc today released version 4.1 of QuickPopup - LAN cross-platform messenger.

Messaging in your corporation, school or home has never been that fast, secure and efficient before QuickPopup.

What a corporation should do? – It should earn money. What an educational institution should do? – It should teach students. With QuickPopup you keep your messaging free from WEB, free from account setup free from wasting time for chat with thousands of people. You just earn money and teach students.

Kanex listened to and used input from about a thousand professionals, who already entered with QuickPopup the new era of messaging. Have a look why they love QuickPopup:

  • LAN messaging only - QuickPopup doesnit connect to the Internet, so your local area network is safely kept from the prying eyes
  • Better productivity - With QuickPopup employees or students will not waste their time in thousands of chat rooms
  • WAN and P2P support – using QP host file you can send your messages anywhere

You can find more information about the QuickPopup update at the Kanex Group, Inc. Web site. QuickPopup 4.1 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$15.00.