Kanex Updates QuickPopup With Jaguar Support

Kanex Group, Inc. has released an update for QuickPopup, bringing it to version 3.0.1. QuickPopup is an instant messaging app designed for use on closed networks found in offices or educational environments. The update features speed improvements in OS X and compatibility with Jaguar. According to Kanex Group:

Kanex Group Inc. today released updated QuickPopup 3.0.1. This software allows users to exchange popup messages over corporate, school and home networks without connecting to the Internet.

The maintenance update improves reliability and speed on Mac OS X. Based on half year input from our Mac OS X customers, now QuickPopup becomes mature, professional grade messenger. QuickPopup will also work on iJaguari – the next version of Appleis advanced OS.

You can find more information about the QuickPopup update at the Kanex Group, Inc. Web site. QuickPopup 3.0.1 is free for registered users while the full version is available for US$15.00.