Kanguru Releases First FireWire Flash Drive

At long last, after years of USB having a corner on the flash drive market, Kanguru has announced its Fire Flash FireWire flash drive line. With capacities ranging from 128MB to 1GB, the Fire Flash is the perfect way to carry your data with you, and since they uses FireWire, you wonit be waiting around for the transfer to finish. From Kanguru:

Kanguru Solutions today announced the release of a ground breaking new technology, the first FireWire (IEEE1394) Flash Drive, a high speed 3 inch portable firewire drive.

Starting at $69, the new Kanguru Fire Flash, patent pending, is available in capacities ranging from 128MB to 1GB and utilizes a 6-pin FireWire connection (but comes with a 4-pin adapter) offering high speed data transfer rates in a palm sized package. Like its USB flash drive counterpart, the Kanguru Fire Flash can be easily plugged into a FireWire port and automatically recognized by a computer for instant plug and play access. Additionally, it comes with a desktop docking station for added convenience.

?The Kanguru Fire Flash takes personal storage to a new level, offering cross platform storage with both Macintosh and Windows Operating Systems. Its pocket-sized design makes it an excellent storage solution for mobile users and frequent travelers. With the release of this product Kanguru Solutions again sets a new standard for portable storage,? said Nate Cote, vice president of product management for Kanguru Solutions.

The Kanguru Fire Flash is available now at prices ranging from US$69.95 for the 128MB model to US$279.95 for the 1GB model.