Kanguru Releases Standalone 200 DVD Duplicator

Kanguru Solutions has released the Kanguru DVD Auto Loader 200, a standalone DVD burning station that can mass produce up to 200 DVDs or CDs at a time.

The device works by taking an already-produced DVD or CD, and then copying that disk to blanks that are loaded into a hopper. The Auto Loader 200 uses a robotic arm to move media from the hopper to the burner, and from the burner to the finished stack.

A standalone device, the Auto Loader 200 does not need to interface with a Mac or PC, and operates from an LCD. Functions include Copy, Compare, Load, Verify, Test, and Erase.

The unit also comes with a hard drive that can be used to store images of any master CD or DVD for burning at a later time. It can hold up to 16 DVD images.

Kanguru has not yet announced pricing for the Auto Loader 200, and as of this writing, there is no additional information on the companyis Web site. Links to the product should eventually be added to the companyis list of duplicators.