Kanguru Solutions Releases Flash Music Player for Mac/Win

Kanguru Solutions has released a new flash-based digital media device called the Kanguru Audio Flash. The device features an OLED screen, 1 gigabyte of flash-based memory, and support for MP3, WMA, and WAV files. The device can also act as a hard drive, and connects to both Mac and Windows systems through USB 2.0.

Other features of the device include a built in radio turner with up to 20 station presets. It also includes a built-in voice recorder, as well as a line-in for recording from other sources.

The full package comes with ear buds, a leather carry case, a neck strap, and a free AAA rechargeable battery pack.

The Kanguru Audio Flash

Flash-based digital media devices are the one aspect of the music player industry not currently dominated by Apple and the iPod. Several Wall Street analysts have recently said that they expect Apple to enter the market, however, with some saying it could happen as early as Januaryis Macworld Expo San Francisco.

In the meanwhile, the Kanguru Audio Flash is priced at US$99, and the company said it is available now. You can find more information at Kanguruis Web site.