Kanzu Updates iCan With Expanded Trash Features

Kanzu has released an update for iCan, bringing it to version 2.1. iCan is a trash utility that brings the Classic trash can to OS X. The update features numerous enhancements including improved speed and viewing options. According to Kanzu:

Kanzu has released iCan 2.1, a skinnable trashcan for OS X desktops for those who still miss the one in OS 9.

iCan features all the functionality of the Classic desktop - it appears empty when itis empty and full when itis full, drag to it, unmount disks with it, click it to open the trash folder, and command-delete files from the Finder.

You can customize the look of your trash too, via several included iCan Themes - use the standard OS X trash style, or choose from a dozen others. There are also options to size the trash from 32 to 128 pixels, play sounds, and edit the trashis "Trash" label.

Version 2.1 offers much improved speed and response when dragging items to the trash, an improved force delete, options to view the trashis size and item count in itis label, the ability to empty the trash of individual volumes, and a customizable contextual menu.

You can find more information about the iCan update at the Kanzu Web site. iCan 2.1 is available for US$10.00.