Karelia Updates Watson With PriceGrabber.com Tool Improvements

Karelia Software has released an update for Watson, bringing it to version1.6.2. Watson is a Web desktop interface designed to simplify Web browsing and bookmarking. The update features expanded PriceGrabber.com tools and other enhancements. According to Karelia Software:

Karelia Software today announced the release of Watson 1.6.2, an upgrade to its Eddy-award-winning desktop interface to the most popular Web content and services.

This minor update brings forth some of the most popular enhancement requests from the Watson user community.

Todayis release includes the following enhancements:

  • In the popular PriceGrabber tool, the categories of Music, Books, and Movies are now included. Other enhancements to the tool include display of product ratings and passing the useris Zip code to PriceGrabberis Web site
  • In the Weather tool, many locations in the Kansas/Missouri and New York/Pennsylvania areas are now supported
  • In the Movies tool, a movie trailer can now be opened and viewed with QuickTime Player (Jaguar only)
  • In the Packages tool, DHL is now a supported carrier. Additionally, double-clicking on an entry will open the selected package in your browser
  • In the application, after closing a drawer that had caused the window to shrink, the window will expand to its original size

You can find more information about the Watson update at the Karelia Web site. Watson 1.6.1 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$29.00.