Karelia iMedia Browser 1.1 adds Adobe Lightroom Support

On Thursday, Karelia Software announced the release of its iMedia Browser, v1.1. The new version adds support for Adobe Lightoom files, improves the thumnail generation, and adds online help.

"A stand-alone utility, the Karelia iMedia Browser lets users easily browse and drag content from their entire collection of photos, music, movies, and bookmarks, including their Pictures, Music, and Movies folders as well as applications such as iPhoto, Aperture, iTunes, GarageBand, and several leading web browsers. The Karelia iMedia Browser can be activated either from the dock or from a small icon in the menu bar," Karelia Software said.

iMedia Browser

Features include the ability to browse Bookmark links from Safari, Firefox and OmniWeb. The user can drag and drop any folder to the source list.

iMedia Browser 1.1 is a Universal Application and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. It is free.