'Kate And Leopold,' Packed With Macs

Observer Les Posen wrote in to tell us he noticed a TiBook in the trailer for Kate and Leopold, playing at cinemas at the moment, but it was up to film watcher John Montgomery and TMO columnist Nancy Carroll Gravley to check it out. Says John:

"Kate and Leopold", the latest Meg Ryan romantic comedy, co-starring Hugh Jackman, is a veritable Mac commercial. Jackman, who is brought back into time from 1876, is represented as a British programmer attending the MACWORLD Expo at the Javits Center in New York. Meg Ryan tests him by asking him how much RAM is necessary to run OS 9 on a Power Mac G5. (Love to get my hands on one of those.)

One funny note: Even though Meg Ryan is quite computer literate, when she gets her Palm Pilot, she remarks that she canit find the "little pointy thingy."

The business where Meg Ryan works looks like an Apple Store, with all kinds of Power Macs, TiBooks and flat screens of all sizes. I didnit see a PC in the whole movie.

Kate and Leopold is showing around the US and makes its way overseas soon. You can view the trailer and check out the cast at the movieis official site.