Keep A Bead On That Fruitcake En Route

Intelli Innovations has released an update for Package Tracker, bringing it to version 3.7. Package Tracker is a tracking app designed for the locating and following of packages en route. The update includes improved Tracking functions and expanded info for Airborne Express. According to Intelli Innovations:

Intelli Innovations is pleased to announce Package Tracker 3.7, a feature revision to the award-winning, multi-carrier package management software for the Mac. This release adds Tracking History, a new QuickTrack option that allows you to jump back to any previously tracked item in that window. Airborne Express support has been improved to provide additional tracking information, and our new AppleScript Studio example, PT Automation, is now included with the Package Tracker distribution.

PT Automation, an open-source example developed in the final version of AppleScript Studio released last week, queries Package Tracker for tracking details, item summaries, and carrier name guesses. The example also includes a Preferences sheet for specifying the type of track to occur. To run the new AppleScript Studio application, users will need Mac OS 10.1.2 or later or AppleScript Studio 1.0 or later.

You can find more information about the Package Tracker update at the Intelli Innovations Web site. Package Tracker 3.7 is available for US$34.95.