Keep A Secret With New Text Encryption Tool

Erich H. Rast has released a new text encryption utility, My Secret. My Secret allows users to compose, encrypt, send, and receive text messages using some of the most advanced encryption technologies. According to Mr. Rast:

Shareware author Erich H Rast has released the first public version of his text encryption tool My Secret. The Macintosh application acts like a simple multi-document notepad and encrypts and decrypts private notes and messages using symmetric block ciphers like 448 bit Blowfish and 256 bit Rijndael, the latter being the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). According to the author, the utility has been designed with both high security and easy usability in mind. Itis USD $10 shareware.

Some of My Secretis features are:

  • full drag & drop support
  • support for custom, external encryption plugins written in C/C++
  • built-in compression for smaller size and higher security
  • secure hashing: chaining of SHA1 and MD5
  • built-in Blowfish encryption and additional 3 encryption plugins
  • secure file deletion & overwriting
  • balloon help and easy user-interface
  • automatic Base64 encoding for easy transfer of encrypted messages
  • can store multiple encrypted parts in one plaintext message and decrypt them all at once on the fly

My secret is Carbonized for use with Mac OS X, and is available for US$10. You can find more information at Mr. Rastis Web site.