Keep Tabs On That Pesky Network

Dartware has released a new version of their network monitoring application, InterMapper. Version 3.0 . The new version allows users to see a visual layout of a network, as well as running tests on certain aspects of the network while also monitoring performance. According to Dartware:

InterMapper 3.0 provides a graphical view of a network and tests the routers, servers, workstations, and other equipment attached to that network. InterMapper also monitors the utilization and traffic and error rates on WAN and LAN links within the network. When InterMapper detects a problem, it sends notifications to one or more responsible individuals. Its on-screen maps can be printed to produce formal documentation of the network configuration. Finally, InterMapper has a built-in web server that allows the network manager to view the network health from a standard web browser.

    InterMapper 3.0 has the following new features:
  • Improved autodiscovery. In addition to detecting the interconnections of the network by querying the routers, InterMapper now will discover devices that donit speak SNMP and automatically connect them to the proper place on the map.
  • New probes. InterMapper now has probes for testing the following services: HTTP, FTP, Telnet (with and without login), Sassafras KeyServer, DHCP, AppleShareIP, Gopher, IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, IRC, DNS server, UDP Listener, QuickTime Streaming Server (RTSP), LDAP, RADIUS, APC UPS, Network Time Protocol (NTP), HTTP Proxy, HTTP Post, 4D Server, FileMaker PRO, and FirstClass Server.
  • Access control lists for web pages. The network manager can set permissions on a map to control access to each map. Access may be granted by name and password or by IP address.
  • SNMP Trap handling. InterMapper now listens for SNMP traps from devices. A notification can also be generated on receipt of the trap.
  • New notification types: In addition to notifying with audible alerts, e-mail messages, pages, and running a script, InterMapper can send a SNMP trap as a notification of a device failure. It can also restart a server by commanding a PowerKey Pro power strip to cycle power on the affected server.
  • Customizable Web Templates, so that the network manager can change the look of the web pages.
  • Customizable Probes. The network manager can create a probe for a new type of device simply by modifying an existing probe. InterMapperis built-in scripting language can send and receive information from the device being tested and then indicate the state of the device.

InterMapper ranges in price between US$295 and US$1595. You can find more information at the Dartware web site.