Keep That Make Clean And Organized

Copernican Technologies has announced the release of Version 1.0 of Boswell, their new tool for storing and organizing text on the Macintosh. The program helps solves problems created by the over-accumulation of information on Macs. According to Copernican Technologies:

E-mail floods in, interesting Web pages are gone the next time you look for them, research notes multiply until none can be quickly found, and vital files wind up being deleted with the spam. With Boswell, all that information can now be preserved, controlled, and used.

Boswell is an environment that organizes and preserves text. Any text. It can be old e-mail, articles copied from the Web, research notes, tasks that need doing, appointments, jokes, phone messages, bright ideas, addresses, love letters, billable hours, expenses, phone numbers, and long documents. If it is text, Boswell can take care of it. It will never be lost, mislaid, or accidentally deleted.

Moreover, the text will be automatically categorized. Boswell can analyze an e-mail from Fred about the Harris project and will not only store it with all the other e-mail but also with everything else about Fred and everything else about the Harris project. Just tell Boswell where things should go and it will put them there until told to stop.

And once Boswell stores the text, it can retrieve it and organize it at any time. Boswell can search through everything it has for a mysterious phone number scrawled on an old piece of paper. It can search all the e-mail Fred sent last April about the Harris project, find the ones where the word "deadline" was used, and sort the results by time -- and it can do it without the need to learn a complicated search syntax.

Old e-mail and other text files can easily be imported into Boswell. It can export selected items of text as a file that can be opened by word processors or sent by e-mail.

Users drafting a long document, from a report to a thesis to a book, can have Boswell keep track of its evolving versions so they can change and delete their words without fear of losing them forever.

For all the Mac users who have ever wished they had a super efficient personal assistant who could keep track of all their research, writings, and e-mail so they would not have to spend time on it themselves, there is now Boswell.

Boswell is available for US$129.95 and you can find more information about it at Copercican Technologiesi Web site.