Keep Track Of Contacts, Appointments Online is an online service offering individuals and companies to manage contacts and appointments online, via any Web browser. Including e-mail, calendar, and to-do list, offers a full range of solutions for managing the office. According to offers a range of services which can function independently as a virtual office or as a complement to current operations. Through cobranding, is effortlessly added to web sites or portals, giving customers another reason to come back. With branding, the functions of are integrated into an existing site or portal, complete with the customized look and feel of the businesses logo and name, also helping to increase their market value. With the outsourcing options, corporations will achieve secure data storage, reduce operating costs and coordinate information management between employees and departments. The corporate directory allows businesses access to their company directory information from anywhere at anytime. They benefit from the secure offsite storage of data, seamless integration with existing user directories and customized graphics setup that complements their current operations. These products are geared towards giving any company the advantage, as they are well-suited for a mobile or distributed workforce.

WebAddressBook.comis fully-customizable features include an email account, calendar & scheduler, address book for contacts, an address book for companies, a place for Internet bookmarks, a virtual notepad, a to-do list and 15 mb of file storage space. Other services to be found include reminders sent to your email account or personal pager, POP3 mail retrieval, sophisticated guest access and the capability of importing or exporting necessary information from major desktop applications. is easy to navigate for novice users, but all the powerful features still leave plenty for the experts. is open 24 hours a day and is a free service. Register today for a free account at and discover the most useful site on the Internet!

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