Keep Track Of Stuff

DXoft has updated their utility for tracking product serial number, registration codes, and other information. Software & Hardware Tracker 4.0.1 includes a number of performance and feature enhancements. According to DXoft:

Software & Hardware Tracker is a collection of FileMaker Pro 5 relational database which will help you store and organize useful information (such as registration codes, serial numbers, product notes, etc.) about all your computer products (hardware and software). Relying on the standard Internet Config system, Software & Hardware Tracker is perfectly integrated with your other Internet software. It also keeps track of all your contact information for software and hardware developers, distributors and places of purchase, turning it into a powerful contact and Internet bookmark manager.

Version 4.0.1 is a maintenance release which resolves several issues in the original 4.0.0 release:

  • Fixed a bug in the Workstation Tracker that could prevent new Software & Hardware Tracker LITE users from entering data about their computer.
  • Added buttons to the tool bars to switch to the Software & Hardware Tracker database and to exit the program.
  • When switching to another database while in list view, the current database will become hidden until switched back to.
  • Improved the "Check " scripts so that they return different messages depending on the fieldis content. Fixed a bug in list layouts: warning signs will appear next to developer entries only if they donit match records in the Company Tracker.
  • Improved the upgrading process. Demo records are no longer installed by default.
  • Fixed a problem when working directly inside the License Tracker: an empty record or found count no longer locks scripts into an endless loop.
  • Improved the list layouts in the License Tracker: itis now possible to specify the workstation on which a license is installed.
  • Fixed the layout order in the Product Tracker: by default, the purchases are now sorted by ID, not by date.
  • The date formats used throughout the program now use leading zeroes both for months and days.
  • Modified the help and exit buttons: theyire now the same size as the other buttons.
  • Modified the list layouts in the Company Tracker: theyire now the same size as in the other databases.
  • Improved the documentation.

Software & Hardware Tracker is available for US$25. You can find more information at the DXoft web site.