Keep Up with iCal From the Menu Bar

A sharp-eyed TMO reader asked me about the iCal-styled icon visible in the screenshot of my menu bar in a Quick Tip from last week, which reminded me that I should point out one of the many useful additions to my menu bar. The answer to your question, Alex, is that you were looking at MenuCalendarClock from objectpark software. This add-on displays the date and time in your menu bar, and gives you a handy drop-down menu that shows the current month along with your appointments and tasks for today.

MenuCalendarClock offers some more functionality, too. You can choose which iCal calendars display, copy birthdays in iCal to a new calendar, search for events and tasks, and more.

MenuCalendarClock shows your schedule at a glance.

If you need to reference your schedule several times a day, but donit want to keep iCal running all the time, MenuCalendarClock has you covered. Entourage users donit need to feel left out, since there is a version available for you, too.

MenuCalendarClock is available for download at the objectpark Web site, and costs US$18.95. A feature-limited version is also available for free.

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