Kensington Announces New Mice, Cases

Kensington announced several new products on Monday, including notebook Mice and Contour Notebook Carrying Cases.

The Si-series mice connect to your computer wirelessly, and include a wireless mini transmitter/receiver and battery level indicators. The Si750m includes a high-resolution laser tracking system, multiple buttons and a scroll wheel, and a built-in storage compartment for the mini receiver. The Si650m offers 1000dpi optical tracking, multiple buttons, 4-way tilt-scroll wheel, and storage compartment for its mini receiver.

The Si750m is priced at US$49.99, and the Si650m costs $39.99.

The Ci-series include both wired and wireless models with 1000dpi optical tracking, multiple buttons, and scroll wheel. The Ci65 includes a wireless mini receiver, and costs $29.99. The Ci25m offers a retractable USB connection for $19.99.

Kensingtonis new mice will be available in October.

Along with new mice, Kensington announced four new Contour laptop carrying cases. The Traveler Notebook Backpack is designed for business travelers and commuters, and includes a padded back and lumbar support. It is priced at $69.99.

The Contour Terrain Notebook Backpack focuses on the needs of casual travelers and commuters. It offers fewer organizational pockets than the Traveler, but keeps the lumbar support. It costs $49.99.

The Contour Cargo Notebook Case includes pockets and storage areas for people that travel with all of their tech gear. It includes a shoulder strap padded compartments, and quick-access panels. It is priced at $69.99.

The Contour Balance Notebook Case is a light weight case with a shoulder strap, concealed pockets, and a luggage strap that lets you attach the case to other travel bags. It costs $69.99.

The cases will be available in September.