Kensington Finalizes MouseWorks For OS X

Earlier this week, Kensington released the "final" version of their MouseWorks software for Mac OS X. After a brief beta period, MouseWorks 1.0 for OS X is now available and supports both USB and ADB versions of Kensingtonis input products, starting with the 4-button Turbo Mouse 5.0. While ADB to USB adapters are not yet supported, users of G3 machines with an on-board ADB port will be able to use the MouseWorks software. According to Kensington:

MouseWorks for OS X does not currently work with the Griffin iMate ADB-to-USB adapter, and will not be able to do so until Griffin releases OS X drivers for the iMate (currently under development according to Griffinis website). Kensington ADB devices will only work properly with MouseWorks for OS X if they are connected to the ADB port on one of the early G3 computers.

If you have a Turbo Mouse Pro or Expert Mouse Pro, please be aware that in this version of MouseWorks, DirectLaunch buttons must be programmed manually; pressing and holding the button to program it is not currently supported as it was under OS 9. To program a button manually:

  • Open the MouseWorks control panel
  • Click the DirectLaunch tab
  • Choose LaunchURL? from any response menu
  • Type in the URL you wish that button to launch, and an optional label, then click OK.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each button you want to program

You can find more information, including download links, at the Kensington Web site.