KeyCue 1.0 Now Shipping

ergonis software has released a new app for Mac users, KeyCue 1.0. KeyCue is a utility designed for accessing keyboard shortcuts for a various applications. The app features access via the Command key while in any specific application. According to ergonis software:

KeyCue – find and remember menu shortcuts.

In a typical Mac OS X application, the most frequently needed menu items have keyboard shortcuts that let you access these menu items faster. Many applications have 40 or more menu shortcuts. Menu shortcuts may be convenient to use, but you first need to memorize them, and you must remember all of them correctly in order not to make mistakes that may lead to undesired results.

Just hold down the Command key for a while - KeyCue comes to help and shows a table of all currently available menu shortcuts.

You can find more information about the KeyCue release at the ergonis Web site. KeyCue is available for US$14.99.