Key Configuration Application Released For Oni

It was brought to our attention that Oni Central has a Mac version of a Key Configuration application that fixes that lack of customizability in the stock release of Oni. This is great news for those who like the freedom to build their own key configs. The application was created by Geoff "Sniper Geoff" MacIntosh (nice last name).

Oni is a third person action adventure game that puts you into the role of the female lead, Konoko. With a plethora of spine snapping, skull crushing and femur fracturing moves, Konoko must discover who she is and where she came from while chasing down a particularly nasty terrorist organization. Developed by Bungie Software and then handed over to God Games for tidying up and publishing, Oni

To download the key configuration application written by Geoff MacIntosh, head over to Oni Central and pick it up now. If you have not given this title a try, head on over to the Oni Web site at God Games for the demo. Want to know what we think of this game? If so, check out the Mac Observer Review of Oni by Ricky Spero.