Keynote HQ Now Shipping Planets Theme Pack

Keynote HQ is now shipping the Premium Theme Pack 5: The Planets, for Keynote users. The Planets pack is a graphic bundle designed for Keynote animated slide presentations. The pack ships with all the planets in our solar system including the Earth and Moon. According to the Keynote HQ:

Keynote HQ has released Premium Theme Pack 5: The Planets for Appleis Keynote presentation software.

With The Planets, your Keynote presentation can, for instance, open with a darkened screen, where the Earth slowly rises into view. Premium Theme Pack 5 includes two sample presentations using Keynoteis "builds" to animate the planets on each slide.

In addition to the nine planets, the theme pack includes the moon, which builds to different phases on a presentation slide. This beautiful theme also includes custom bullets and a slide master for each planet, two slide masters for the Earth, two custom photo cut-out slides, custom graph fills and a graphics library.

A bonus theme, "Soft Metal," is also included. The themes come in both 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768 sizes.

You can find more information about the Premium Theme Pack 5: The Planets release at the Keynote HQ Web site. Premium Theme Pack 5: The Planets is available for US$9.99.