Keynote Today (With Live Coverage); Fred Anderson Confirms New Products

Steve Jobs will be officially kicking off MACWORLD Expo New York 2000 with a keynote address that begins at 9:00 AM EDT. It has long been speculated that Mr. Jobs would be announcing new products, and this was confirmed by Apple CFO Fred Anderson on Tuesday. During his Q3 financial results presentation, Mr. Anderson said "Itis been about 9 months since the last product announcement, but we will that change tomorrow."

Apple has had its hands full with dealing with the many sites who have published a variety of leaked product information, some real and some not so real. The latest round that hit the Web on Tuesday involved images of a new monitor and other products. Those sites who posted these images have since pulled the content, allegedly at the request of Appleis legal arm.

The Mac Observer will be offering live coverage of the keynote from the floor of the keynote itself. For those with access to some bandwidth, Apple is providing a live broadcast through QuickTime. A satellite broadcast is also available.

Keynote Satellite:
The keynote will be available via satellite:
Telstar 5/Transponder 11 KU Band
Orbital slot: 97 degrees west
Downlink Frequency: 11929 MHz
Uplink Frequency: 14229 MHz
Polarity: Vertical down

Telstar 6/Transponder 8 C Band
Orbital slot: 93 degrees west
Downlink Frequency: 3860 MHz
Uplink Frequency: 6085 MHz
Polarity: Horizontal down

The Mac Observer will also be offering a detailed wrap up of the keynote in the early afternoon.