Keyspan Releases New Mac OS X Drivers

Keyspan has announced the availability of beta Mac OS X drivers for its USB Twin Serial Adapter. They are intended for developers of Macintosh applications which make use of serial ports. According to Keyspan:

Keyspanis USB Twin Serial Adapter is the worldis most popular way to connect serial devices to USB ports on the current generation of Macintosh computers. Introduced in October of 1998, the adapter is compatible with a wide range of modems, printers, cameras, PDAs, graphics tablets, and other serial devices.

"We are excited about Mac OS X and are committed to its success," stated Mike Ridenhour president at Keyspan. "Many Macintosh applications now depend upon our PCI serial cards and USB serial adapters to communicate with serial devices. We intend to make the migration to Mac OS X as easy as possible for our developer partners and for our end users."

The drivers are available for free to developers who contact Keyspan via email at