Keyspan Releases New USB-to-Serial Adapter

Keyspan, a company that offered one of the earliest solutions for providing serial connectivity to USB based machines, has released a new USB 4-Port serial adapter. With Appleis universal adoption of USB in the iMac and Blue & White G3 towers, users with legacy serial devices were left scrambling for solutions. Keyspan has been providing adapters allowing users to continue to use older serial based devices with current USB based Macs. According to Keyspan:

Keyspan is now shipping its new USB 4-port Serial Adapter.

The Keyspan USB 4-Port Serial Adapter allows 4 serial devices to be connected to a single USB port. Each of its male DB9 ports allows connection to RS232 serial devices at data rates up to 960 Kbps. In addition to supporting Linux 2.4, the Keyspan USB 4-Port Serial Adapter can also be used on the Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows 2000 platforms, as well as with Mac OS 8.6 or higher. Support for Mac OS X will be available in the 3rd quarter.

This new adapter is targeted to enterprise and industrial market segments. It is an ideal for connecting serial devices needed in laboratory, manufacturing, and retail settings for Point of Sale (POS), process control, or data retrieval applications.

The Keyspan USB 4-Port Adapter is available for US$149. You can find more information at the Keyspan Web site.