Keyspan Releases OS X Drivers

OS X may be on the way, but serial connectivity lives on. Keyspan has released beta drivers for three of their most popular products, the Keyspan Twin Serial Adapter, the USB PDA Adapter, and the USB High Speed Serial Adapter. The new drivers allows users to extend the life span of their beloved serial products. According to Keyspan:

Keyspan, Americais top selling brand of USB connectivity products, announced the release of its beta USB drivers for Mac OS X. The drivers are available now for download from Keyspanis website.

Keyspanis drivers enable its USB Twin Serial Adapter (USA-28X), USB PDA Adapter (USA-19), and USB High Speed Serial Adapter (USA-19W) to be used with Mac OS X. The drivers are an update of the Developer Seed that Keyspan released in September of 2000 and are feature complete--- including support for PPP under Mac OS X using serial modems---and include an installer.

The ability to use Keyspanis adapters with popular serial peripherals (i.e. printers, Palm Pilots) under Mac OS X will often depend upon the availability of Mac OS X drivers for the peripheral device. Users should check with the peripheral manufacturer for information on this topic.

You can find more information, and download the new drivers, at the Keyspan Web site.