KickOff Patch Fixes Bugs And Tests Joysticks

Virtual Programming Ltd. has released a KickOff 2002 patch for Mac gamers. KickOff 2002 is a soccer game now available for the Mac platform. The patch fixes several bugs and brings compatibility to various joysticks. According to Virtual Programming:

VP Ltd are pleased to announce the availability of the latest 1.1 patch for KickOff 2002.

This patch addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed so that custom .wav files can be played
  • Fixed a problem which effected some users, when trying to save highlights to the golden goals
  • Fixes to joystick code for 10.2

Tested Joysticks:

  • Gravis Gamepad
  • MacAlly IShock II
  • Sateik P750 (10.2 onwards only)
  • LogiTech Driving Force Steer wheel
  • ThrustMast Fox-2-Pro Joystick
  • Logitech Wingman Extreme joystick
  • Logitech Wingman Attack 2
  • Thrustmaster wheel

You can find more information about the KickOff 2002 patch at the Virtual Programming Ltd. Web site. The KickOff 2002 patch is free for registered users.