Kick Some PC A** With Online Lineage Episode 10 Gaming

NCsoft Corporation has released the latest episode of Lineage, bringing it to version 10. "The Lair Of Valakas" introduces a new MMORPG genre that allows users the ability to demonstrate the superior intellect of Mac users to inferior PC users. The online subscription gaming service features a new story line and side-by-side gaming with PC users. According to NCSoft:

Northeast of the Dragon Valley and the northwest of Giran lies the Lair of Valakas the fire dragon. Dominated by an imposing and rumbling volcano, it is a location filled with mythical beasts and magical creatures. It is also the location introduced with Episode 10 of Lineage(tm), the most popular online game in the world.

NCsoft(tm) Corporation, the worldis largest independent online game company, today announced that this new episode in the continuing Lineage epic is now available for exploration, interaction, and play in North America.

Lineage introduces the MMORPG genre to Macintosh fans with an all-new game client designed for Mac OS X (v10.1.2). For the first time, Mac and PC gamers will be able to play side-by-side in an online graphical fantasy world.

You can find more information about the Lineage Episode 10 release at the NCsoft Web site. A Lineage subscription is available for US$15.00 a month.