Kickin' Round Miniball 2

Foosball is a great game. Many of us remember dumping many quarters into the slots of foosball tables at the local bar or pool hall and going home with sore wrists and light pockets after a hard evening of pole flipping action.

It took a certain amount of skill to maneuver that little white ball through your opponent defenses and slam it into the goal with a precise flick of the wrist.

We live in the age of computers, the Internet, and easy-open soup cans, however, and games of yesterday have clones to be played on small screens.

If you were a big fan of foosball then you are going to love this installment of A Cool Waste of Time.

Set to start kickini

Miniball 2 is a remarkably fun foosball sim that you play online alone or against other players. Whatis cool about this one is that you can create your own league and let others play for a shot at the lead.

Whatis also cool is that your pockets will be a bit heavier from the quarters youill save, though your finger will suffer more.

Ahh, the sacrifices we make for technology.

Special thanks to Lisa Devaney for pointing us to this site.

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