KidsServer Update Helping Clean The Dirty Web

MAKI Enterprises has released an update for KidsServer, bringing it to version 1.2. The KidsServer is a proxy server filter designed for prevention of innapropriate site viewing. The update features several enhancements including annotation and relay support. According to MAKI Enterprises:

MAKI Enterprise releases parental control program KidsServer PE version 1.2 for Mac OSX.

KidsServer PE version 1.2 is not only for blocking the harmful sites. Its support the world first "Annotation & Relay" filtering.

Major changes in KidsServer PE 1.2:

  • Support Annotation. You can customizing the contents of any web sites. For example, Add the notes to a technical term or add the link to a dictionary site
  • Support Relay. Support a relay access to the URL via translation site. Your children can use the millions of useful foreign sites
  • Rewrites the KidsServerManager utility
  • Improve SkipKidsServer
  • Improve auto update

You can find more information about the KidsServer update at the MAKI Enterprises Web site. A one year Kids Server license is available starting at US$250.00 for ten users.