Kids GoGoGo Parental Control Software Adds Database Of Approved Sites

Maki Enterprise has released an update for its parental control software, Kids GoGoGo. The new version, 4.0, includes a new database of Web sites that kids *can* visit, in addition to providing a list of prohibited sites. Other new features have also been added. According to Maki Enterprise:

Kids GoGoGo helps you filter known adult sites/hate violence/online gambling/drug sites. Two kind of databases are included, an adult site database in order in order to prevent access and a kids site database that limits what kids can access. It also offers filtration by content and words, filtration by time zone, and the number of trial access to prohibited site. The database can be updated with one click. Filter adult sites by analogy. Your connection speed is not affected by Kids GoGoGo, and it works on any kind of internet connectivity: Modem, Ethernet, TA/Router, Cable, DSL, Proxy, Intranet etc. It also features easy installation and administration.

New features of Kids GoGoGo 4.0 are,

  • Kids site database is added. The database is a collection of web pages that children should be allowed to see.
  • Browser will be disabled when the number of trial access to prohibited web page.

System requirements: Power Macintosh 7000 or higher, MacOS 8.6 or newer, 2MB memory, CarbonLib 1.04 or newer, Internet connectivity

Supported Browsers: Netscape Communicator/Navigator 4.0 or later, Internet Explorer 4.0 or later, iCab 2.0 or later, Opera TP3 or later.

You can find more information on the product at Maki Enterpriseis Web site. Kids GoGoGo is priced at US$30, and the update is free to registered users. The company also offers a 14 day demo of the software.