Kids GoGoGo Parental Control Software Updated

MAKI Enterprise has updated Kids GoGoGo to version 4.1. Kids GoGoGo is parental control software designed to help parents control what their kids are seeing on the Internet. The new version includes improved filtration and other enhancements. From MAKI Enterprise:

MAKI Enterprise releases parental control program for Macintosh, Kids GoGoGo 4.1. Kids GoGoGo prohibits use or browsing of adult-only content on the internet. Kids GoGoGo isWeb filtration for home, public space and office.

Changes in Kids GoGoGo 4.1

  • Filtration algorithm improved especially for Europe and Asia harmful sites. Stop the oversea sites that are not filterd by most major filtering soft.
  • Download time is shortened by the increase in efficiency of a database. Database extended but smaller size.

System requirements:
Power Macintosh 7000 or higher, MacOS 8.6 or newer is installed,
2MB memory, CarbonLib 1.04 or newer is installed, Internet connectivity

Netscape Communicator/Navigator 4.0 or later
Internet Explorer 4.0 or later
iCab 2.0 or later
Opera TP3 or later

You can find more information on Kids GoGoGo at MAKI Enterpriseis Web site. the update is free to registered users. The full version is priced at US#30.