Kids GoGoGo Updated With Fixed Judge Filter

MAKI Enterprises has released an update for Kids GoGoGo, bringing it to version 8.6.3. Kids GoGoGo is a parental control app designed to limit inappropriate site viewing for children. The app has an extensive database to pull from as well as the ability to recognize unknown adult sites by analogy. The update features a judgment filtration fix and other enhancements. According to MAKI Enterprises:

MAKI Enterprise releases parental control program Kids GoGoGo 8.6.3 for MacOS X.

Kids GoGoGo prohibits use or browsing of adult-only contents on the internet. Web filtration for home, school, public space and office. Non-expense and Administration or maintenance costs nothing.

KidsGoGoGo now suport the surveillance "Screen log." The Screen log doesnit slow down the other applications. It works like a VCR and uses MPEG-4 codec for smallest data size.

Changes in Kids GoGoGo 8.6.3:

  • Support auto database recovery
  • Fix bug for judgment of filtration
  • Database maintenance tools for teacher/manager
  • The basic database blocks more than 800000 sites
  • and much more...

You can find more information about the Kids GoGoGo update at the MAKI Enterprises Web site. Kids GoGoGo 8.6.3 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$30.00.