Kids Server Now Filtering The Dirty Web

MAKI Enterprises has released a new security filter for Mac parents. The Kids Server is a proxy server app designed for prevention of innapropriate site viewing. The app ships with several custom tools including access log support and the ability to view and control access remotely. According to MAKI Enterprises:

MAKI Enterprise releases the Kids Server for MacOS X. Kids Server is a proxy server software with advanced web filtering capabilities. It is Mac OS X based and able to restrict any browsers in any operating system (Mac OS, Windows, UNIX and so on) in your network.

Key features in Kids Server:

  • More than 10 filters - Multiple filters are try to restricts the unknown site
  • Filtered Google search - Regardless the user setting, Safe search is forced turn ON
  • Restrict Movies - Restrict a lot of harmful broadband movies
  • Adjustable server tasks - You can use your Mac as combination of Server and Client or use as an exclusive proxy server
  • Log recording - Kids Server records both system log and access log
  • Setting by browser - Kids Server allow the remote administration. You can control the Kids Server by the browser anywhere always.

You can find more information about the Kids Sever release at the MAKI Enterprises Web site. A one year Kids Server license is available starting at US$250.00 for ten users.