Kinesis Introduces Two Ergonomic Accessories for Freestyle Solo Keyboards

Kinesis has announced two new accessories for the Freestyle Solo line of ergonomic keyboard, the V3 accessory and the Ascent Multi-tent accessory. Both are intended to offer additional configuration options for users needing or wanting specialized positions.

Firstly, the Solo line of Freestyle keyboards is a split keyboard. The V3 accessory allows users to position the Solo at 5, 10, or 15 degrees. It can be used with or without the Pivot Tether and optional palm supports are also available. The V3 is priced at US$24.95 (the Solo for Mac is priced at $99).

The V3 accessory for the Freestyle Solo keyboard

The Ascent Multi-tent accessory takes that idea a step or two further by offering some fairly extreme possible positions, ranging from 20 to 90 degrees on each side of the solo in 10 degree increments. Each side can be positioned independently from the other, and a plate keeps the keyboard in position. The Ascent Multi-tent accessory is priced at $199.

The Ascent Multi-tent accessory