King Me! Freeverse Releases Board Games Deluxe

Freeverse Software has released Freeverse Board Games Deluxe, a package of eight classic board games for solo or online play. The games include Chess, Checkers, Mancala, Go, 4-in-a-Row, 7th Fleet, Reversi and TicTacToe. From Freeverse Software:

The series features support for multiple graphic backgrounds, an included mp3 soundtrack, and support for third party mp3 files, making the games the most customizable Board Games ever released by Freeverse. The games also support Freeverseis Emotidolls technology, which allows users to express emotions across the network online via aquafied on-screen dolls.

The Freeverse Board Games Delxe series includes these all-time favorites:

4 In A Row - race to light up four buttons in a row before your opponent.

7th Fleet - hide your ships, and fire away! Destroy your opponentis fleet before you take a trip to Davey Jonesi locker.

Draughts - known in the US as checkers, all your favorite double-jumping action is back. King me!

Chess - one of the worldis most famous board games.

Go - conquer the board and surround your opponentis pieces in this classic game.*

Mancala - the simple yet subtle African game of stones.

Reversi - Reversi makes its triumphant return. Flip over your opponentis pieces and go for those corners!

Tic Tac Toe - itis like being back in elementary school, only online!

Each of the games is designed for the worldis most advanced operating system, Mac OS X, and is compatible with Mac OS 8.6 or later. The games require location of a networked opponent for play, either via GameSmith on the Internet.

Freeverse Board Games Deluxe is available now for US$19.95 for the entire package. Trial versions of individual games can be downloaded from Freeverse Softwareis Web site.