Klangfarben Update From SONOLUCA

SONOLUCA has released an update for Klangfarben, bringing it to version 2.61. Klangfarben is a realtime animation software designed for use with music for multi-media presentations. The update features performance enhancements including new transfer modes and improved speed. According to SONOLUCA:

SONOLUCA announced the immediate availability of an updated version of Klangfarben Player realtime animation software.

Klangfarben is a realtime audio to video animation toolbox with an easy to use GUI. Included is the modular toolbox with many realtime filters, patterns and audio sensitive trigger modules. All toolbox modules can be arranged in any possible order.

The new features of version 2.61 are:

  • supporting 8, 16 and 32 bit color processing
  • split screen function for 2*2 and 3*3 screens to use with i.e. cube-walls
  • 14 new transfer modes for blending between image layers, chromakeying and movie rotation
  • about 50% speed improvements of the entire graphics engine
  • new filter: colortable animation, bad tape, blur, color rotation, curve control, elevator, emerge, facetten, fade, mirror, shift, stream
  • new image sources: movie loop with automatic beat-matching, x-fader, audiosens zooming, large picture panning with audiosens moving, video-in buffering with 25 and 100 frames
  • new pattern: 2d stereo field, autovasareli, buildings, colorfill, colorbars, colorfields, colorflash, doors, hydra, makramee, noise, peristaltic, radar, raw audio, spirograph
  • new audio sens. trigger functions

You can find more information about the Klangfarben update at the SONOLUCA Web site. Klangfarben is available as freeware.