Know Thy Enemy: O'Reilly Shipping New "Security Warrior" Book

OiReilly & Associates has published a new book examining computer security titled, "Security Warrior" . Written by Cyrus Peikari and Anton Chuvakin, the book examines possible attack methods and defense strategies to prevent unwanted and malicious system tampering. According to OiReilly & Associates:

Computer security is not precisely like warfare. In war, both sides seek to take advantage of the otheris weaknesses. Computer security is rather like building a fortress that you hope will be impenetrable to attack. Itis similar to war, however, in that the threat of attack is real, constant, malicious, and unrelenting.

Based on the principle that the best way to defend yourself is to understand your attacker in depth, "Security Warrior" by Cyrus Peikari and Anton Chuvakin, reveals how your systems can be threatened.

Covering everything from reverse engineering to SQL attacks, and including topics like social engineering, antiforensics, and advanced attacks against Unix and Windows systems, this book leaves you knowing your enemy and prepared to do battle.

As attacks against computer systems become increasingly sophisticated, a strong defense is essential, and the best way to build an effective defense is to understand and anticipate potential attacks. Anyone who is on the front lines defending against the enemy needs this book. It gives you the knowledge you need to render the most persistent enemy ineffectual.

You can find more information about "Security Warrior" at the OiReilly & Associates Web site. The book is available for US$44.95.