KnowledgeMiner Platinum 5.0 Features Robust Data Mining Package

Script Software has released a new version of KnowledgeMiner, bringing it to version 5.0. The KnowledgeMiner Platinum 5.0 is a data mining app designed to detect trends in raw data. The platinum package ships with the updated app, a book, and consulting time to further boost the data mining process. According to Script Software:

KnowledgeMiner 5.0 Platinum Delivers the Power to Perform State of the Art Data Mining to Everyone. Discover New Worlds in Your Old Data.

KnowledgeMiner 5.0 Platinum consists of 3 parts, software, a book, and consulting time from one of the worldis leading experts in data mining technology.

The KnowledgeMiner software is a powerful modeling and prediction tool which was designed to support the automation of knowledge extraction from data. It works using three advanced self-organizing modeling technologies: Statistical learning GMDH Neural Networks, Analog Complexing, and Fuzzy Rule Induction.

Version 5.0 Platinum Features:

  • for the first time, integrated noise filtering characteristics for a second level, on-the-fly model validation; supports evaluation if a model reflects a causal relationship or if it just models noise
  • explicit definition of exogenous variables for creation of systems of equations
  • two new data mining algorithms: Analog Complexing based clustering and classification (n classes)
  • extended table dimension for up to 30,000 rows
  • program-to-program communication via AppleScript (Mac only)
  • creating and predicting GMDH, Fuzzy, and AC models from within a script
  • allows for knowledge discovery workflow processing
  • executable sample script for demand prediction included: importing data from databases (FileMaker or AppleWorks) or spreadsheets (MS Excel), data preprocessing, data mining using different technologies, prediction of new data, combining of predictions, and returning a final prediction (high, mean, low) to the initial data source
  • ROC analysis to measure classification power of a model
  • 5 hours data mining consulting included

You can find more information about the KnowledgeMiner Platinum 5.0 release at the Script Software Web site. KnowledgeMiner Platinum 5.0 is available for US$1,800.00.