KnowledgeMiner X Released For OS X

Script Software is now shipping KnowledgeMiner X for Mac users. KnowledgeMiner is a data mining app designed to identify trends and relationships in raw data. The latest version features support for OS X. According to Script Software:

KnowledgeMiner X Now Utilizes the Stability and Power of Mac OS X to Perform State of the Art Data Mining. Discover New Worlds in Your Old Data.

KnowledgeMiner X consists of 3 parts, software, a book, and consulting time from one of the worldis leading experts in data mining technology.

The software application KnowledgeMiner X employs a set of unique inductive learning and self-organizing modeling technologies: GMDH Neural Networks, Fuzzy Rule Induction, and Analog Complexing pattern recognition for time series prediction, classification, modeling, clustering, and diagnosis of complex ill-defined systems.

Multileveled self-organization and validation approaches make it not only possible to generate reliable individual and hybrid models in a most objective way, but they also provide an explanation component on the fly in form of algebraic or difference equations, fuzzy rules, or a set of similar patterns. This extracted knowledge can be directly used to improve model results, to get new insights into the system, and to aid decisions.

You can find more information about the KnowledgeMiner X release at the Script Software Web site. KnowledgeMiner X is available for US$1,800.00.