Koingo's Entire Software Line Now Leopard Compatible

Koingo Software announced full Leopard compatibility for all fourteen of their applications on Tuesday. All updates are free for previous customers.

Josh Hague told TMO that every application had launch or stability issues with Leopard and were completely overhauled. Most notable were Alarm Clock Pro, E-Mail Commander, Font pilot, Mac Cleanse and Swift Share.

The current version number for Leopard compatibility and descriptions are as follows:

  • Alarm Clock Pro 8.2.3 - An iTunes and web enabled computer alarm clock
  • Data Guardian 1.1.7 - Database with 448-bit encryption for passwords and more!
  • E-Mail Commander 1.2.6 - Compose newsletters and invitations to easily send customized e-mails to a database of contacts!
  • File Sheriff 1.0.8 - Edit advanced options, generate icons, rename MP3s, batch-apply attributes, and more!
  • Font Pilot 2.1.7 - Powerful Font Manager to view, activate, install and even preview fonts which are not installed!
  • Gallery Designer 1.0.4 - Create and publish full web galleries with text, audio, video, and images only minutes after launching!
  • Librarian Pro 1.0.8 - Catalog and manage an entire movie, book, and music collection that interacts with Amazon!
  • Mac Cleanse 1.0.7 - Easily remove recent file histories, chat logs, caches, cookies, web site histories, and more!
  • Mac Pilot 2.3.5 - Unlock over 300 hidden features and other advanced UNIX commands with ease!
  • Slideshow Magic 4.0.8 - Compile a collection of photos with sound effects, transitions, and a background music track into a movie.
  • Swift Share 1.0.6 - Manage server configurations and share points for both Apple and Windows (Samba) file sharing!
  • Christmas Crisis 1.1.4 - Santa has fallen sick this year, and you must save Christmas by helping deliver all of the presents!
  • Christmas Super Frog 1.8.1 - Locate missing presents to save Christmas!
  • Mystery Island II 1.7.5 - Save the Earth from a massive alien invasion! Objective: eradicate the threat at any cost.