Konfabulator 2.0 Adds Multiple Windows, Customization

Pixoria, Inc. released Thursday Konfabulator 2.0, an update to its cross-platform mini-applications utility for desktop Widgets.

The newest version offers something for both end-users and Widget authors. For example, Widgets can now have multiple windows. This allows for Widgets to show their own windows and bezels in the style of the Widget, and allows for more complex, application-like Widgets. Additional features for end users include a new look and more accurate weather information, a new PIM Overview Widget that lets users see iCal and Outlook To Dos and Appointments at a glance, a new Memory Gauge Widget to view a Maciis memory usage, a digital clock with a personal alarm manager, Improved Proxy support for Web resources, Multi-Pane Preferences dialogs for Widgets making preference more manageable and additional customization features built in to almost every Widget.

For developers, new features include 19 new features.

Konfabulator 2.0 is free of charge.