Konfabulator Updated With Bug Fixes And Weather Widget

Arlo Rose and Perry Clarke have released an update for Konfabulator, bringing it to version 1.5.2. Konfabulator is a JavaScript engine designed for creating desktop Widgets. The update features bug fixes and an updated Weather Widget. According to Arlo Rose and Perry Clarke:

Just in time for Halloween, weive made sure that our users will know if they need a jacket with their costumes by revving the Weather Widget to use The Weather Channelis official XML feed. Weive made sure youire aware of the werewolfs that may be lurking by addressing a bug in the Werewolf monitor. And for all you folks with black cats (you know, Panther), weive fixed a couple of small glitches that showed up in Mac OS X 10.3.

Konfabulator is a JavaScript runtime engine for Mac OS X that lets you run little files called Widgets that can do pretty much whatever you want them to. Widgets can be alarm clocks, games, can tell you your AirPort signal strength, will fetch the latest stock quotes for your preferred symbols, and even give your current local weather.

These are some of the issues addressed in this release:

  • Fixed issue with url fetching and text issues on Mac OS X 10.3, Panther
  • Fixed French translation file
  • Updated The Weather Widget to use official Weather Channel XML feed
  • Fixed bug in Werewolf Monitor where a full moon would show a missing image for 45 minutes or so
  • Clearly the Werewolfs were trying to thwart me

You can find more information about the Konfabultor update at the Konfabulator Home Page. Konfabulator is available as freeware.