Konfabulator Updated With Collapsing Enhancements

Arlo Rose and Perry Clarke have released an update for Konfabulator, bringing it to version 1.5.5. Konfabulator is a JavaScript engine designed for creating desktop Widgets. The update features bug fixes and collapsing enhancements. According to Arlo Rose and Perry Clarke:

Not content to do a release a month, we aiming for a release a day! Konfabulator 1.5.5 addresses a bug found where certain AirPort configurations would return oddly large numbers making AirPort Widgets display incorrect data. I also added a couple of features into the WIdgets as a bonus.

Hereis some of the more important fixes/issues:

  • Fixed issue that showed up in 1.5.4 where AirPort data was incorrect
  • Fixed issue where the bottom 12 pixels were being chopped off some weather states in The Weather
  • Added smarter collapsing and expanding for The Weather so it remembers where you collapsed from
  • Added search button to Picture Frame to show current image in Finder

You can find more information about the Konfabulator update at the Konfabulator Home Page. Konfabulator is available as shareware for US$25.